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46 Questions that Will Help You Produce Better Technical Documentation

By Jonatan Lundin

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Skribenta and The Debated Translation Unit

By Peter Strömbäck

As providers of Skribenta, a CCMS with integrated translation memory, we sometimes receive inquiries from customers and translation agencies who are curious about the possibilities. There’s this one question in particular which we receive rather frequently:

Is it technically possible to output translation files segmented on the sentence level?

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How Granular is Your CCMS?

By Peter Strömbäck

Information re-use is a key feature of all advanced Component Content Management Systems (CCMS). Instead of copy-pasting text or authoring the same content over and over again, publications are built-up from little pieces of information that are created and maintained individually, allowing them to be re-used across multiple publications. Few voice dissent; it’s an efficient way of working, with cuts in authoring and translation costs as the main motivators.

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Managing Variation in Reused Content with Version Control

By Joakim Ström

In part 1 and part 2 of the Managing Variation in Reused Content series, we covered two basic techniques: Injection, and Conditions.  Injection is a method where values, or small pieces of text— often names or measurements— are extracted from topics, and stored as variables. When the topics are to be published, the values are loaded from the appropriate variables and injected into the correct place in the text. Conditions function as filters, sifting through parts of a topic, and adapting it to a given context. 

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