December 12, 2016

Skribenta 5 Now Released

Skribenta 5 is finally here! It's completely web-based, and takes ExCo Navigation to the next level.


Skribenta 5 has just been released. The big news about Skribenta 5 is the fact that it's entirely web-based—making the interfaces even easier to use, and giving you the flexibility to work from anywhere using your favorite device, as long as you're connected to the Skribenta server. 

Skribenta 5 still includes all the classic Skribenta features and utilizes the classic Expand/Compress Navigation style, which is now extended even to the toolbars and menus to help maintain a workspace that's as streamlined and tidy as possible.  

"Besides the immediate improvements the new release brings, Skribenta 5 also provides us, internally, with a better platform upon which new features can be built and innovation can take place," says Excosoft CTO Joakim Ström.  

New features are already in the making, currently undergoing testing and development. For a free demo of Skribenta 5, contact us at

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