May 26, 2017

We’re Proud of Our Partnership with Orient Software


Over the past year and a half we have been engaging consultants at Orient Software in Vietnam to help develop our products. The partnership has proved a great success, and we plan to gradually increase our work together. 

A key to this success has been the value grounds that Orient Software is built on: Providing an attractive working environment for its team, and guaranteeing a longterm, personalized relationship with its customers. When outsourcing development work, knowledge is built with the consultants—an investment which must not be compromised by a high consultant turnover, other than in exceptional cases. With Orient Software, we have the assurance of longterm dedication on both sides of the partnership. 

Orient Software has Norwegian owners, and strives to establish certain Nordic values and benefits for its employees. For example, offering paternity leave which normally isn’t offered in Vietnam. 

In March, Excosoft visited Orient Software in Ho Chi Minh City for one week to further develop personal contact. Our days were largely devoted to technical discussions, but one day we took a trip together to the Mekong Delta. We also celebrated International Women’s Day together on March 9. The holiday is an important day at Orient Software. At present, 23% of their 115 employees are female, which is considered a large percentage for an IT company.


Befrin Showani and JC Herlitz celebrating Women's Day with the team at Orient Software
Befrin Showani and JC Herlitz celebrating Women's Day with the team at Orient Software





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