September 25, 2014

A CCMS for the Content Providers

Technical specialists are the content providers in the world of technical documentation. Whereas technical writers take on the role of editing product information for optimal user comprehension, the content providers are the inventors, product owners, and technical specialists standing closest to the product itself. They possess in-depth knowledge of how a given product works, why it exists, and what solutions it has to offer its users.

However skilled these people may be at describing what they’ve invented or are providing to the market, the production of such information in written form is generally an extremely time consuming task. One of our customers who has 5 technical specialists estimated that they would typically spend around 60% of their time writing text, sending it through the feedback loop, proofreading, and editing.

What we found, when we worked with this customer, was a total lack of process and structured system for documentation. Such deficiencies were forcing their content providers to re-read entire documents every time there was a product version update, even if it involved the most minor of changes.


We presented this customer with our solution, a CCMS with a distinct ability to single out specific segments of documentation whenever it the time comes for an update— even providing a user friendly interface for the task.

A total implementation process which took us 200 – 300 hours, including consulting and internal time, saved our customer’s content providers 2,640 hours in the first year. After installing our CCMS, their content providers were able to spend 50% less on documentation-related tasks, and instead redirect all that concentrated time and effort into other things they are excellent at— customer relationships, new product development, and other proactive pursuits.

The benefits don’t stop here, contact us to learn more about the savings our CCMS Skribenta can offer you. 

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Niklas Thorin

Niklas specializes in marketing and sales, and is backed by extensive experience in leading positions within frontline global technology companies.

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