June 4, 2014

Create a Manual in 10 Minutes

Every time I meet a customer who is considering setting up a CCMS, there’s this thick air of reluctance in the room. They envision a mountain of work ahead of them, with ultimate benefits taking  years to fully realize. As a sales guy, I try to keep the focus on the ease and time-savings that await them once the new structure is in place. Plus I’m honest—  while implementation doesn’t require a year long process, neither can it be accomplished in 5 minutes. However, once set up is complete, the  benefits can be enjoyed immediately.  How do I prove the point? From my experience, nothing speaks louder than a real-life example.

Take, for instance, our customer ASKO who implemented a documentation system with us a few years back. In just a few months everything was running smoothly, with reuse-functions, translations, and everything they had been aiming for in place.

Premier on a New Market in 10 Minutes

Shortly after implementation was complete, ASKO got a call from a reseller in Russia who wanted to begin selling a machine currently unavailable in the Russian market. They gave us a call to get the documentation process started right away, with the assumption that the multiple translations required would take several weeks. Over the phone we helped them identify which sections of documentation would be needed in the new manual. When this was complete, they pressed Publish to PDF to check how much translation was missing and would need to be corrected in the next draft.

Well, it turned out that nothing was missing at all. Over the course of 10 minutes, they had everything they needed to launch a new product in a new market.

Launch a New Product Model in a Tenth of the Time 

One of the products ASKO produces is dishwashers. Dishwashers are a fairly consistent product, with about 90% of their structural makeup remaining the same year after year. What does change, is looks, the movement of buttons to the left or the right; the addition of energy saving functions, extra fast cleaning or ultra-silent cycles, etc. But all in all they remain basically the same.

This is a fact that Excosoft leverages to the maximum— meaning that, when it comes to producing a new product line, the adjustment of the entire suite of documentation, like installation, user manuals, and service hand-books, takes at most a couple of days. Just add new pictures, text for the brand-new feature and let it go around for an approval process. Instead of taking the standard weeks, if not months, to produce the documentation required for the launching of an updated model series, Excosoft makes it happen in only a few days.

Introduce Product Improvements in 5 Minutes

At one point ASKO decided to replace the motor of their tumble dryers with a new motor which could handle 6 instead of 5 kilograms of clothing.  They benchmarked how long it would take them to update all documentation which is written in about 25 different languages, and includes varying models and colors. They estimated 72 work hours— roughly 2 weeks with coffee breaks.

Actual results using Excosoft? Only 4 – 5 minutes.

The Rewards are Worth It

All these time-saving results far outweigh the few months of implementation time. Aside from the return on time investment, Excosoft consistently delivers a return on financial investment in less than 4 months. If that doesn’t justify implementing an CCMS, than nothing does.


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