March 12, 2014

Do You Have a Get-Online Strategy for Your Tech Doc?

All companies want to be on-time to the market. Just listen to the commentary being exchanged in the corridor, like “We must launch this in an APP”, or, “I saw that in company X’s new series they can control their system from a tablet… why can’t we?”

Why not be among the first with an online solution? Upgrading your technical documentation is an easy first step, and can act as a seed of expansion; leading to seamless integration with other critical business systems, and resulting in a truly holistic online solution for both you and your customers.

Multi-system integration is truly rewarding. When connected to PDM, CRM, or ERP systems, technical documentation quickly becomes the key to your company’s success. Take, for example, companies whose product is partly software based. Since technical products often require documentation of many different details in terms of product offerings, integration into other business systems is particularly ideal. If combined with sales systems, for instance, not only will the quality and accuracy of quotes and customer communication increase, but once automated, it will also dramatically decrease lead times from days or hours, to seconds.

Get started by turning your old inefficient page-based systems into an XML based format. Many think this transformation entails a long and cumbersome process, but it doesn't have to be. With an easy-to-use, short start-time system you can be up and running within weeks.

Discover how getting online with your technical documentation can become a vital part of your business operations. Check out our Case studies for examples of how we've helped other companies achieve success.

Does your company have a get-online strategy? Share your experiences below.

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Niklas Thorin

Niklas specializes in marketing and sales, and is backed by extensive experience in leading positions within frontline global technology companies.

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