March 5, 2015

The Flexibility You Didn't Know Existed in a Structured Documentation System

The fundamental idea behind structured documentation systems is that they allow their users to easily find and reuse documentation, and sync up with other systems. A common complaint, however, is that if changes are made to the underlying structure, everything and everybody is affected.

Skribenta, our product, uses a very flexible DTD called Flex, which doesn’t lock companies into a prefixed structure like most systems on the market.This does not mean that there is total freedom, however. Skribenta is a structured documentation system which allows it’s users to decide what kind of structure to instate from the onset. Once the structure is chosen and implemented, we recommend the system’s users remain committed to that chosen structure. Should they wish to change it, the decision should ultimately be based on a board-level decision, rather than on a whim.

What we do offer our customers in terms of flexibility, is the freedom to choose the structure that best fits them and their working style. Backed by support from our experts, our customers can ensure that they end up with the right structure from the start. We give our customers the possibility to grow into a structure, rather than awkwardly accommodate one that’s been forced upon them.

Skribenta can be up and running within weeks, and customers can—almost from day one— drop their own system. However, rather than asking them to commit to a particular structure at that point, we let them ease into the structural way of thinking. Once comfortable, they can gradually begin to improve and adapt the structure to their particular needs. Once they are satisfied, customers can “lock-in” the structure.

We call it evolution rather than revolution…

The results?

  • Highly efficient work processes
  • Fluid knowledge transfer
  • Saving on translations
  • Short time to market

The benefits don’t stop there. Contact me to find out more:

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