February 12, 2014

Upgrade Your Unfriendly User Manual and Tune-In with Your Customers

You've spent a lot of time and resources developing a comprehensive user manual, catering to every thinkable question a user might have about your product. So whywhy, you may ask, are my customers calling my support department again and again, seeking answers to simple questions that have already been addressed?


Could it be that your customers prefer a different way of getting help? The product users of today are used to finding everything on the internet, or via an app. If you’re providing a user manual exclusively in the same format used by Gutenberg in 1450, you are simply behind the times.  Sporting the same kind of setup as a book, with chapters and index pages, a PDF format is almost impossible to search unless your customer uses the exact same wording as the person who wrote it. The often ensuing scavenger hunt-like search for answers is something the modern customer has little patience for.

A user manual stored in PDF format is also generating unnecessary extra work for you and your support department.  The common solution of creating an online FAQ to address repetitive customer questions typically involves the re-writing of the very same knowledge that is inaccessibly stored in the original PDF manual. Although this solution may help decrease the number of phone calls your support department receives; in the long run, such an inefficient approach is creating double the amount of work for you and your team.

Our solution? At Excosoft we place your technical documentation into a dynamic XML environment, thus enabling cross media publishing, and single sourcing¹. Our exFinder interface responds to your user’s needs, providing them access to relevant knowledge, on the device of their choosing, through an intuitive and searchable format for optimized findability. When technical documentation is tagged, exFinder will even generate a self-service customer support site automatically —which requires zero re-writing by your support team. Plus, our interactive interface encourages customer feedback, allowing for an important dialogue to take place between you and your customer; one that provides the insight and feedback you need to continually improve and optimize your knowledge base.

Interested? Read more about exFinder here and learn how you can upgrade Your Unfriendly User Manual. Or check out our product page to get the whole picture of how Excosoft can revolutionize the way you approach technical documentation.

¹Single Sourcing: deriving or generating content from a single content base, to be used in multiple applications.

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