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What is Skribenta?

Skribenta, a CCMS (Component Content Management System), is a complete solution for the entire life cycle of technical documentation. Plan your first product manual or import an existing archive; publish, review, translate, and maintain thousands of publications in multiple versions, variants, and languages. Skribenta grows and adapts with every challenge, becoming more powerful and efficient with every publication that's added to its system. 


The Features


Avoid duplication and unnecessary work. Skribenta organizes content into modules for reuse across multiple publications. Content can also be prepped for reuse via Conditions, which lets you set up automatic adaption to specific product configurations and user audiences. 


Stay on track as a writing team. Organize and manage documentation projects— including master documents, publication versions, modules, recipes, and images— all in one or more easy to use workspace. User groups and access can be customized for further collaborative ease. 


Stay on top of multiple publication versions and releases. Check in, or freeze, individual files and folders in a workspace, or the entire workspace itself. After you’ve made a revision or update, files are checked out, and a new version is automatically created. 


Publish documentation in a variety of formats, from PDF and CHM help system files, to HTML. Multiple documents may be published simultaneously, and in several languages. An automatically generated report warns for possible errors— assuring quality documentation to the very last detail. 


Translate quickly and accurately. Rather than storing entire translated files, Skribenta saves blocks of text within a translation memory. The ability to translate smaller segments of documentation along the product development road means less errors, and more on-the-fly publishing. 


Single source across multiple systems. Skribenta can be synched with external databases and surrounding systems for an exchange of data, so you can benefit from increased efficiency and consistency within your documentation process.


Deliver content to your audience on the web, locally on an offline site, or embedded into your product. Users navigate content using your chapter structure, a free text search, or faceted search, using the key words you define.


Define, plan, and monitor your deliveries. Skribenta makes it easy to configure your production pipeline to ensure that all content goes through your quality control proccess. The history of every deliverable is stored in an audit trail, so you always know who's reviewed, approved, and released it. 

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